Tour of Tech Africa

Tour of Technology Africa ™ is the crown jewel of the Ingressive market entry experience

Our curated on ground market exploratory tours provide  investors, multi-national partners and clients, a first glance into the realities of doing business in Africa. Ingressive grants access to our wide network of local tech ecosystem influencers that allow clients to engage with targeted communities necessary to achieving a seamless market integration. Our clients can also group together to maximize synergy and experience the type of exposure only Ingressive can provide.


Market Research Services

We provide our clients invaluable insights regarding the tech-enabled community

A firm understanding of the tech market in Africa is the foundation of success for any venture and it is imperative that any investor, corporation or multinational not only know what questions to ask, but who ask them to. We partner with clients(s) to design “Fit for Purpose” data collection strategies that are cost effective, offer a timely but realistic turnaround, capture quality data, and ultimately offers the best ROI. We offer the data necessary to enable a better reach to the target market and also manage feedback loops that provide data driven insights.


Customer experience advisory services

We execute marketing strategies that ensures the brand reflect the voice of OUR customer

Ingressive leverages flagship programs such as High Growth Africa Summit ™, Ecosystem Hangouts, and Ingressive’s Campus Ambassadors™ to provide you with unbridled access to the Nigerian tech enabled community, frequent interaction with your target market and help you: Identify your target market, build brand visibility and reach your core demographics in an engaging way and access local talent and opportunities for potential long-term partnerships with complementary firms.