Ingressive is a trusted business partner and key player in guiding global capital to Silicon Africa; highlighting African entrepreneurial success stories to an international audience; and enabling corporates and multinationals integration into the African tech enabled ecosystem. We provide the essential black book investors, corporations, and multi-nationals, need to enter African tech-enabled markets, define operation strategies, and execute over time.

A firm understanding of the tech market in Africa is the foundation of success for any venture and it is imperative that any investor, corporation or multinational not only know what questions to ask, but who ask them to. We lead our clients to the answers they seek using the following methods: 

  • Surveying the needs our travelers and setting up face to face meetings with African leaders possessing the knowledge and experience to deliver desired outcomes
  • Partnering with clients to design “Fit for Purpose” data collection strategies that are cost effective, offer a timely but realistic turnaround, capture quality data, and ultimately offer the best ROI
  • Creating feedback loops that establish trusted modes of communication and provide consistent access for all interested parties long after the original meetup has passed
  • Delivering data-driven insights on needs of your target market, core strengths of competing solutions, and potential differentiation opportunities

The adept Ingressive staff have executed the following roles to generate awareness, penetrate markets, and source sales leads on behalf of our clients: 

  • Market Research
  • Project Management
  • Account Services


This publication sets out/provides basic information on business and regulatory issues that new investors must know when investing in the Nigerian Business Environment. It also provides information about the necessary government institutions required to ease the process of doing business in Nigeria.

While we have made the necessary effort to ensure that the information provided here is up-to-date, readers are encouraged to seek professional advice before taking any action on the basis of the opinions contained herein. 

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