Here at Ingressive, we are passionate about ecosystem building. To this end, we launched our Ecosystem Hangouts initiative in June 2017. 

This initiative convenes key stakeholders within the tech ecosystem to explore obstacles to growth and develop pragmatic solutions to address these issues. The launch event was a convening of key players from four main ecosystem stakeholder groups: Founders, Developers, Corporate Partners, and Investors. 

On the last Saturday of each month, with the support of our partners GitHub, Rising Tide Africa, and our corporate partners; we host an Ecosystem Hangout that focuses on a specific group within the ecosystem, providing training, swag giveaways, new partnerships, networking opportunities, and access in the African tech ecosystem. 


June, 2018


Digital Leadership: Going Beyond Viral was a topic with wide appeal but chosen especially for members like the TGBC, Ingressive Campus Ambassadors and student attendees. The major underlying message was that successful brands often trump trending content and viral media through value-based engagement. Digital Leadership was an effective way to build upon previous GBF trainings on business development, marketing, and leadership...


MAY, 2018

Intellectual Property Rights: Who Owns Your Dream?

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights was the subject matter of the third installment of Ingressive’s monthly Ecosystem Hangout. The question posed to the attendees was “Who Owns Your Dream?” The question was important for several reasons. In business it’s near impossible to do it all alone; understanding Intellectual Property Rights is one of the best ways to protect your ideas. We are forced to share integral pieces of our dream to execute objectives and create profitable partnerships. It’s important for any savvy entrepreneur to learn what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to. By arming Techpreneurs with this type of information, the result creates a developer or designer with the ability to create innovation from scratch and the business acumen to ensure the venture is profitable...



Open Source: Investment’s Hidden Gem

On February 24th, 2018; Ingressive paired with Rising Tide Africa to present a course designed to highlight the intersection of two opposing ideas. We introduced open source, platforms where developers openly share the software they built for others to use and build upon for free. Then we taught our followers how to monetize it. Yes, taking something that is as free as the air we breathe and use it as an investment strategy, an entrepreneurial growth hack, or a money-making venture. Either it’s too good to be true or you missed out…