The Entrepreneurial Development Group (EDG) Africa was created to support startups in Africa. A developer may be able to write amazing code worth millions but lose their product because they have no knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights. An attorney may be exceptional in her field, but without a digital presence, she cannot scale as rapidly as she needs.  EDG Africa seeks to fill informational gaps and provide access to the tools entrepreneurs need to build, launch, and scale a sustainable business.

Our passion to empower entrepreneurs in Africa has pushed us into the hub markets of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Rwanda. Exponential growth in the tech sector in cities like Lagos, Mombasa, Kenya, Nairobi, Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg point to the need for these communities to acquire the business skills needed to grow.

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For a young entrepreneur launching a business, understanding digital leadership was presented as a smart way to build a strong foundation on social platforms. The classes took the entrepreneur on a journey beginning with the basics of building a brand on social platforms. The lessons ended with a presentation on digital transformation and highlighted tools like IBM’s Cloud services. 

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It takes more than hard work and hope to scale your business. Knowledge of business principles like Intellectual Property Rights are the only way to ensure entrepreneurs build a strong foundation. Avoid horror stories where good business people lose what they earned over a technicality. Entrepreneurs have put in years of hard work to build a profitable brand only for it to be taken by someone with a better understanding of the law. We don't know how big our small ideas can grow, learn how to protect your dream!