Ingressive market entry and market operations services offer our clients unparalleled access and integration to African tech ecosystems. We assist your firm to enter the ecosystem over a one-week immersive "Tour of Tech" market entry trip, then collaboratively build an Africa strategy, then project manage and operate this strategy across the continent. 

Our direct access to thousands of technical talent, founders, investors and other local partners give our clients a view of local market risks and opportunities from multiple perspectives. We plug clients into new lines of business, market opportunities, hard-to-reach customer segments, and human capital.




"GitHub is the developer company. We make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, to create the world’s most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community that can come together—as individuals and in teams—to create the future of software and make a difference in the world."  

After joining Ingressive's Tour of Tech in Lagos Nigeria, GitHub partnered with us in 2017 and took advantage of Ingressive's Market Operation Services. Together we support and increase technical talent across the continent as the go-to company for African engineers.

Business Development
Upticks in daily users in major African tech markets caught the attention of GitHub and led to their expansion aspirations. Today, we have nearly doubled the daily GitHub user rates in Nigeria alone, growing from 14,000 daily users to 27,000 and growing. This growth is now reflected across the continent.

Student Community
To cement GitHub’s position within the student community, Ingressive launched the Ingressive Campus Ambassadors (ICA) program. This community serves as a distribution channel to deliver trainings, sponsorship, internships, event support, and swag. ICA boasts over 100 ambassadors leading 20 to 100 students each at universities across Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. The universities now independently conduct monthly meetups and webinars in major African tech hubs like Mombasa, Nairobi, Accra, Lagos, Cape Town and many more. Learn more about how GitHub is empowering students here.

Developer Community
GitHub has become a household name in the African developer community. Today, you can find GitHub and Ingressive as a sponsor, organizer, or partner for many major developer events.  



Y Combinator noticed the high quality applications coming from Africa-based entrepreneurs, and decided to join us to sustainably increase the number of applications from African startups.

After their trip, Y Combinator applications from Sub-Saharan Africa increased by 200%. Of the 20 companies for which Ingressive organized office hours, 5 were accepted, and 7 West African companies in total. YC is now connected with the Nigerian government, State Department, local startup community, and active angel investment network. 

Ingressive hosted Y Combinator CEO and COO, Michael Seibel, Qasar Younis, Ross Chanin, and YC-alumni Tonjé Bakang. Over 10 major events were curated and hosted including the below highlights:

  • Angel Investors Roundtable & Dinner

  • CcHub: Y Combinator Startup Luncheon

  • Fireside Chat at Cranium One

  • State Department Meet-and-Greet

  • Ilashe Beach Party & Startup Office Hours


"Ingressive gave us access to the Nigerian tech scene, from media to top startups to government, local ecosystem and everything in between. There is no way I would come to West Africa without them, and no way I'd let anyone in tech go without them" - Michael Seibel, Y Combinator CEO

"If you're serious about building technology or investing in West Africa, Tour of Tech gets you deep into the ecosystem and quickly. Each day is like a week and that's exactly what you want." - Ross Chanin, 2X entrepreneur, CFO @ Euclid Analytics

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