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Built to Last in Africa - Real time Collaboration and Partnership

On July 16th, 2019, Ingressive and Rising Tide Africa in collaboration with Pedabo, Netcom Africa, Cr8 Careers, and OAL Law are launching a new event concept focused on collaboration and partnerships. Our tech-preneur community will join a candid discussion on what collaboration looks like between corporates in the areas of regulation/compliance, taxes, human resources, ICT solutions and more.

We are bringing partners, entrepreneurs and other attendees to shake hands over deals on the spot- live (Deal Day). Attendees will leave with actual partnerships and collaborations with businesses in a network session where discounted deals will be traded.

Some of our partners are offering 60% discounts on services and the list keeps growing!

Our objective for this event is group discussion followed by real time, on site collaboration, networking and for some, sealed deals! We'll break down obstacles to collaboration and better understand how to handle the feelings of vulnerability when we hear collaboration, negotiation, conflict, bargaining, and/or partnership.


  1. Bust the myth around vulnerability and openness

  2. Network, Negotiate and Connect for growth

  3. React to live opportunities for collaboration with business support partners

  4. Get discounted deals on long term business partnerships (only during event!)

Current Presenters include (though not limited to)

  1. Ingressive LLC

  2. Ingressive Capital

  3. OAL Law

  4. Pedabo

  5. Cr8 Careers

  6. Netcom Africa

  7. Rising Tide Africa

The Entrepreneur Development Group (EDG) Africa is a community of entrepreneurs integrating tech to scale. All presentation materials will be collected and shared on our EDG Africa Slack channel. In the weeks following the physical meet up, presenters will join the channel for a webinar. Attendees and EDG Africa group members will have time to digest the course materials and ask for follow up questions.