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DevC Ftour Rabat: UX/UI Design 101

In this meetup we will learn about UI/UX design essentials/ process, and how to use Figma design tool to create a friendly app/website, At the end we will have a practice session in which we will create a design (based on a brief) going through UX/UI design process.

Things we will discuss:
Design tools:
Design Fundamentals: Colours, Typography, Contrast, Visual Hierarchy, Space, layout, Imagery...
UI principles: Colors, Typography, Contrast, Balance, Consistency, Space, layout, Imagery

Design resources:
UX/UI Design?
UX/UI design process
Wireframe, Prototype, Mock up
User Research, personas, user flow, site map.
Design System, Atomic Design, Style guide.
User tests
Design thinking / design Sprint
How to Develop your eye for design