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Ecosystem Hangout: How to Attract Venture Capital Funding For Your Startup/Product

The recipe for a successful business: one brilliant idea, strong enthusiasm and initial capital. If the last ingredient is all you need, this is how you will get it.

Rising Tide Africa, EchoVC partners, Greenhouse Capital, Venia Hub and Ingressive LLC, are partnering for the April edition of the Ecosystem Hangout. We are convening Founders, Developers, Designers, Corporate partners, and Investors to share different ways of attracting funding for startups/products..

Investors see a few hundred to a few thousand deals a year. Bigger ticket funds tend to make less investments (3-5 deals a year), while smaller cheque funds tend to do more (10-20 deals a year). That means there is fierce competition for funding, especially in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa where there are more great ideals than accessible capital. Many entrepreneurs come up with great ideas but there is a huge difference in having an idea and being able to implement it. This is where knowing how to attract funding comes in, and without knowing the right steps to take that idea might just disappear into thin air.

Join us on the 26th of April, let us pick through the barriers and learn different ways of attracting funds from Investors.

This Ecosystem Hangout will follow the usual protocol. Our presenter(s) provide content that will be followed by a question and answer session. Entrepreneurs, Founders, Corporate Partners, and Investors should leave with a better understanding of how to attract funding for their startups/products. Founders will have a better grasp of the knowledge gap and set better expectations going forward. After the Q&A session the audience and presenters will have light refreshments and network.


All presentation materials will be collected and shared on our Entrepreneurial Development Group (EDG) Africa Slack channel. In the weeks following the physical meetup, presenters will join the channel for a webinar. Attendees and EDG Africa group members will have time to digest the course materials and come for follow up questions.