Bridging The Gap With Henry Ikoh (Think.Senpai)


Good Evening Everyone! Our webinar for tonight will begin shortly

Tonight's guest will be Henry from Think Senpai. He often trains designers, does freelance work, and leads his own design movement. Any entrepreneurs with questions on design or designers with questions can jump in here.

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Hello guys so I would be answering all your questions concerning design, business and entrepreneurship. First a brief background about me. My name is Henry, I run a company called senpai and we teach creative people technology skills.

Been going this for almost 3 years now. And mostly I have learned that design and the design process is heavy misunderstood and often rushed which leads to subpar products all over the market

At our ibm session we were able to pinpoint that the core problem is lack of communication between parties and not being able to speak the language of the other party.

So how much we bridge the gap?

Anyone had any experience trying to work with a developer or designer and experienced frustration?

Would you mind sharing your experience so we can talk about it together?



Hi everyone. I'm an aspiring UX designer. My question from a designer's standpoint is this 'What are the daily tasks required by a designer working in a design firm, esp. when you're required to work for developers and other clients? "


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Hello @sherifdauda well the daily job of the ux designer is to make sure you are creating documents user flows and user journeys that improve the users experience when engaging with a project. This involves but not limited to creating flow chats, user research, and documentation, talking to the client and the business owner and making sure both sides are on the same page.

Designer are naturally less technical then developers so ideally should be more approachable by the business owners who expect the design to help them to visualize their ideas and products


Thank you

@Henry Ikoh

The problem most designers may have it that they don't know how to communicate with the business owner. They limit themselves to taking orders and pixel pushing.

Any other questions, thoughts or experiences?



Any more Questions guys?



What advice would you give an entrepreneur who’s having issue with communication, when He or she wants a design from a designer?


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Alright @whoishabyb. My advice is that no one can read your mind so it's important you are able to bring the designer along with thinking process. So you can start by sketching your ideas. Getting design inspirations from the internet and show the designer

Designers are mostly visual or people. More and more designers these days are learning better how to communicate

But most designers are visual so as a business owner it's best to show samples or inspiration or sketching what you expect from the designer

Also it's encouraged to allow creative people roam to explore and create

The image you may have may not always be the best


I did still want you to give us some feedback on our webpage @Henry Ikoh


For me which platform makes designs perfectly Awesome, I know the Art is more important but which tool do you use?


@Ayobamigbe I use figma and a paper and pen. For inspiration dribble and pinterest. For reading, medium.


Figma! Amazing

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The @IngressiveLLC website is cool. It did load slightly slower than expected. Umm the logo seem too big. The imagine transition seem rather fast and the imagines are not full on the mobile view. These are my initial perspective.




Thank you for the feedback, Growth is achieved through feedbacks.

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My time is up and I have to run now. If any of you want to be a part of the future of design click this link

Thanks for having me


Thanks for coming Henry!!!


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