Ingressive Ambassador of the Month

This August, we have an Ambassador of the Month - Timz Owen. As an active ambassador and a community evangelist, he sets a great example for what it means to be an ambassador. 

Owen is an Android engineer who gained skills after joining the Ingressive Campus Ambassador Program. He is the regional ambassador for ICA Kenya and in charge of over 400 community members. He got an opportunity to mentor and be a Program assistant at Andela ALC because of the experience at ICA as a lead. Take a few minutes to learn more about his journey below.

The mic is yours, what is an interesting fact about Timz Owen? 

Love eating a lot. I’m a 24/7 food eater.

Can you tell us a bit about your ambassador journey? How did you get started?

I Joined ICA earlier this year. This is my 8th month and I'm really glad. It’s been amazing leading a team of passionate developers who are willing to learn. This motivates me a lot to hold several meetups not waiting for financial sponsorship. Getting started- I got really interested in the Ingressive Campus Ambassador program after seeing a Nigerian ambassador got an internship at Microsoft. This was a big motivation for me to start and drive ICA in my university at Kenya

What is your favorite experience of all time as an ICA?

My favorite experience as an ICA was having fun with the community after Github meet up which everyone found interesting. Seeing them laugh and play during the off-site meet up was my joy.

Outside of being an Ingressive Campus Ambassador, How do you stay involved in the wider Tech community?

Outside of ICA, I ran Facebook developers and google Africa scholarship as well as Tensor flow. To manage all these, I had to do away with movies and watching TV. As a student, I make sure I complete school work between 8 am - 7 pm and from 7:40 - 12:00 am I'd do my tech community things like responding to email and learning tech also. Then I dedicate my weekends to the community like meetups and definitely learning new technology. This helps me balance tech and classwork. I will be graduating next year, yay.

Timothy Kipyego

Timothy Kipyego

Why is the Tech Community important to you specifically?

In the next 8 years, the world will be changing to 80% tech-driven. Learning tech as a business student has not been easy but I managed by not giving up. I want to be able to assist people like myself, not to feel left behind in the tech world.

What advice will you give to students looking for ways to make their own awesome impact on the ecosystem?

First, Make tech awesome!!. Before you lead a tech community or even join, you should have your own goals and achievement to be met within a timeline. Learn to work with your calendar. Avoid too much gaming, movies, and enjoyment. Not saying you shouldn’t have fun, lol.

To make great changes in the ecosystem, join a club, like the Ingressive Campus Community, this is where you grow your network and get to give a talk as a beginner and even as an advanced Tech person. You also get to meet your employers in tech communities.

Finally, to grow Africa, join/start that Tech club you are passionate about driving and make sure all your members get confidence in your club and are not left behind. 


We’re very happy to have him as part of our community! Give him a shout out in the comments below or shoot him a ‘congrats” if you see him around!