How to quickly grow your Instagram followers.

11 things you need to do to grow your Instagram page fast and on a budget.

  1. Like photos: The first thing I'll start with is liking photos/videos in your niche. Go through and like pictures of people in your industry, like about 5-10 posts on their page. This will make you seen genuine and also make them happy, inquisitive and want to see your page. Most people would like and follow you back. This strategy gives you awareness, engagement, and followers.

  2. Create a theme for your pictures: If you start liking people's pictures within your niche, you'll start getting noticed, if your page is well themed and engaging. You'll start getting the love. The basic pipeline/funnel of marketing is to attract, engage and convert. What this strategy does is to engage them, after attracting them.

  3. Socialize: This is social media, not a courtroom. Respond to comments, leave comments, be genuine and real, don't be mannerless tho.. just be witty and cool with your comments. At this point, you'll be getting the engagements and follows on your page.. but you need to keep them there, keep the momentum, grow your page and be fucking awesome!

  4. Creating a hashtag: Create your own personal hashtag, and encourage others to use it too... This is a great way to build a community and gain new content for your account. Make sure your hashtag is unique and it's just for you and you only. Once you get people to start using your hashtag, you can start reposting them, comment on them and make them feel like they're a part of a community, your community.

    Sweet, we have people within our community now. It's time to give them things to be excited about.

  5. Giveaways: Do giveaways, run a contest. Make them use your hashtag, make them tag their friends and tell them to follow, you can even collaborate with other users in your industry to run a giveaway or something.

    So I have some questions, how often do you use your Instagram story? As a user, how often do you open people's instastory? Story vs feed. Which do you engage with more?
    Personally, I engage more with the story, I don't even check feeds anymore. Probably because it's easier to access, easier to swipe or just tap. The UX for the story is just way better than the feeds. You can reply to me on twitter @whoishabyb if you have a different opinion.

  6. Use your Instastory: Like me, many people have reported they prefer the story more than the endless scrolling if the feed. Instastory is a good place to engage your audience, try and go more personal, take them behind the scenes, ask questions, take surveys, etc. I believe everything you do with your brand is about the customer experience. If you give your customers a very good experience, they'll definitely talk about you, remember you and share you. So doing all these registers you in the mind of your audience and also make the algorithm work in your favor, they get to see your posts more often. Your pages' ranking increases and you'll be relevant on their timeline

  7. Encourage your followers to take action: As little as it might be, it goes a long way telling your followers to like a picture If they find it attractive, or share if they find it useful.

    CTAs are very useful. Ask open-ended questions, ask them to tag a friend.

  8. Tag your location: There is a 72% chance of getting more views and reach when you geotag your posts. People search for locations with the geotagging and hashtags, it will give you better reach on the story and on your feeds. 

    This is pretty much all there's to do at this part, let's talk a little about studying your data.

  9. Check insights and analytics: This will help you figure out what your audience likes, do a little research, check what's driving more engagement, and how you can use more of it. 

  10. Share your different pages from different platforms on each other: This just means you should share what you are doing on Instagram with your Twitter followers, and vice versa. It is not so nice to have yourself everywhere if you don't have the ability to manage them well. My advice is to stay in one or two places, and make sure they are complementing each other, engage people where they are and provide an amazing experience to your followers.

  11. Collaboration: Collaboration is very effective; it's like sharing audiences. Do takeovers, tweetchats, etc. I'm sure most of you saw Gary Vee's video with Simi, that's how to use collaboration. Do Instagram takeovers, where you have a guest take over your page, they'll be the one handling your account that day, and your followers will get to see what their day looks like, they ask them questions, etc.

    Growth hacking is basically trying new things to grow your page, business, using data and insights, on a very tight budget.