How to Increase Sales with Chatbots - Digital Marketing

I wrote an article on Chatbots, explaining what a Chatbot is, the advantages and how it is growing significantly, you can check it here. We all know what digital marketing is and the amazing thing digital marketing uses in beating the traditional form of marketing, which is Data.

Gaining insights into user behavior really changed the game of marketing, now companies and brands know what their customers like and what they do on the internet. If you search for a ring on jumia, it is possible that for the next few days you will keep seeing ads about rings from jumia everywhere you go on the internet.

Technology has really changed the way brands interacts with their customers and the means of communication today has developed to a level that provides more human treatment of consumers. Social networking sites, for example, is like a hangout spot on the internet, a lot of people are always on these sites having fun, brands saw this and started using it to interact with their customers to engage them more, because being in their faces makes them more relevant and this leads to an increase in sales.

Over the past years, instant messaging apps have been growing significantly and statistically, they have taken over from social networks. If you study yourself, you’ll notice that you spend more time on WhatsApp and messenger than you do on twitter and facebook, this is because chatting is more engaging.


The rise of messaging apps

As a business owner who wants to sell his/her product, the next thing to do is to take your services to where your clients are spending their time. That way you make it easier for them to gain access to your services and you get to spend less on marketing. This is where Chatbots are playing a big role.

Let me give you a quick brief on the five Cs of Chatbots

  1. Consistent :  Since Chatbots are driven by Artificial Intelligence, they eliminate any possibility of human error, making for smoother lead creation and conversion. Chatbots are also self-learning, so they constantly adapt to grow even more efficient over time.

  2. Context-driven :  Chatbots are capable of gauging emotion and tweak their behavior based on the customers' pre-determined profile, like age, gender and location.

  3. Conversational : Chatbots replicate everyday human interaction more accurately than actual humans do. The vocabulary we use with our friends and family doesn’t cross over in companies interactions with clients. Single word commands on FAQ pages like “download”, “log-in”, “click here” is how businesses suffer from social communication disorder and lose customers.

  4. Compatible :  Chatbots are endlessly malleable, regardless of business or function from simple lead generation to full-fledged automated sales, all made possible by a little pop up on the bottom right of your screen.

  5. Cost Effective:  Chatbots aren’t just less expensive compared to their alternatives, they’re an outright steal.

In conclusion, messaging apps have become the top destination for brands to reach consumers, it’s no surprise why chatbots have become so popular. By implementing a chatbot into your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to learn about your audience, tailor your marketing efforts, reach new consumers and monetize your social media profiles.

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