Sales Hacks: The amateur Series Part 1

How did I get here? Sometimes I ask myself (I’m sure you do too). For me, sales was my first official job title at Ingressive, but really aren’t we all trying to sell? no matter the position, we all need to collectively make revenue.

I started off clueless and I had to read to understand the sales process, a lot of AB testing and weekly strategy sessions. A few things to help you out in your new role:

What are you selling?

  1. I’m sure you have heard this so many times, but do you get the gist about what you sell? A few questions to help you reassure yourself:

  • What does the product or service do?

  • What problem is the product or service solving?

  • What is the unique thing about the product or service? (what is the advantage)

Remember how people talk math equations in their sleep right before an exam, you should know the product or service and engrave it on your heart.

Understanding why you make money helps you be flexible in your pitch and offers, as long as it can meet their needs it can be pitched in a hundred and one ways.

Stop Spamming people, Seriously!

I used to think sending a lot of emails would give me at least a quarter response, but I wasn’t getting up to that. I realized people won’t read my mail if it wasn’t relevant to their current situation. Honestly, if I owned a butcher shop and a salesperson starts to pitch to me about plants and the benefits of being a vegetarian— it doesn’t make sense right, why would I listen to a pitch that can potentially make me lose my customers?

Know who are contacting, know their name and position (if possible), know about their product or service and identify how you would add value to their business. Ensure are sending the right information, so if you don’t get a response is one of two things:

  • The contact was incorrect

  • The wrong timing to send out a cold email/call

  • If it’s an email your subject or content wasn’t communicating properly.

My last point brings me to my third point (you see what I did there?)

Try Everything

In sales outreach you need to try different techniques, I’m emphasizing on emails in this article. The subject matters for email outreach; the use of punctuation, number of words, and the wording. Other things like timing and days of the week is also a factor.

A few things to know:

  • Research shows Tuesdays and Thursday are the best days of the week to send emails (it might be different according to industry)

  • Research shows early hours (6 - 10am) and evenings from 7 pm are the best times to send emails (but I prefer mornings and you also need to consider time zones)

  • Try Saturdays, few people send emails during the weekend you might have a great chance to get your email read.

  • Subject lines like; nice to meet you, are you available? mentioning your referral etc. works

  • Research shows that personalized emails get the most opens; try as much as possible to address your lead by their first name, use greetings like hi and hello. They are more personalized greetings (depends on the work culture of the company)

  • Punctuation marks work sometimes, so try the exclamation mark and question mark

  • Also look at your spam: see what Gmail automatically puts in spam, look at the subject lines and punctuation.

Sales prepare you for every unit within a company because to thrive you need to be self-motivated, open to change and be flexible in your approach. Enjoy the process; the struggle to get a lead, the persistence to get a response, the meetings, kick-starting negotiations, agreeing on terms and finally closing and execution and you never know enough!

Look out for my next article on lead generation, tracking, and transition to the next phase in the sales pipeline.

Selah… pause, think about it and try it