AMA With Joseph Agunbiade the founder of BudgIT

On the 9th of March, we hosted one of our bi-weekly AMAs on slack, our guest for this insightful session was a Techpreneur, Joseph Agunbiade.

Joseph is the Founder of Univelcity a tech school that teaches young people software development, Data Science, AI and Product Design then connect them to Jobs. So for Devs and upcoming software enthusiast he is your plug.

Also he is the co-founder of BudgIT. A civil organisation that applies technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change. He currently sits on the board.

He is a Techpreneur per excellence with companies like Getmobile Technologies, SmartED with over 15 years experience.


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Good evening House. Welcome to another exciting AMA session and today we have @joseph taking the session.



So we see that you have started a lot of tech companies and 3 not for profit organisation, can you share your motivation with us.


Thank you for the question.

BudgIT was the first of them. I cofounded BudgIT with Oluseun as a call by CCHUB then for a Tech solution that can solve Governance issue

That was in 2011 and ever since I have worked on a couple of ideas while some survived others did not

So at the Moment apart From BudgIT, I have Univelcity, SmartED, Resolute40( and a few others in the pipeline




My Motivation: I am a natural problem solver

And since my training was in Technology, I have always believed that I can use Technology as a tool to help change the world

Funmi Aliyu :

@joseph when is the right time to start/ launch your startup idea or realize a MVP?


Nice! I'm curious as to what advice you would give people like university graduates or novice devs who want to start ventures and solve problems.


The result is what we see today as a all this startups/company

@Funmi Aliyu MVP is your first attempt to the market. Before you go out you must have done sufficient market research and possible Market fit


@Funmi Aliyu And on the question of when it is the right time. As soon as you think you have a solution the world needs please launch it


@Sean I always recommend that as a university graduate you work first for some time usually between 3-5Years and gather experience, build your network before starting out on your own.

Olayemi Oluwadurotimi:

@joseph what advice would you give to a start up founder who has been running for almost a year and needs funding ?


@Sean Also develop your skills and volunteer in ventures that naturally you may not qualify by your CV to join

@Olayemi Oluwadurotimi Depending on how far you have gone. I will advice you work first for sometime. When we launched BudgIT in September of 2011 the first time we raised money was in 2013. And we had to travel multiple times pay for hotel and travel tickets. If we had not worked it would have been very difficult

Olayemi Oluwadurotimi :

@joseph I worked for two years full time in the same field before going back for HND and later worked part-time for two years during my HND


@Olayemi Oluwadurotimi then you can reach out to several venture capital out there for funding. You need to join platforms like etc. Just be sure you are solving the right problem with the right Market size

Timothy :

@joseph I don't know if you ever had issue getting developers or designers to work with when starting up. My questions it's how do you get people to work with you on a particular product when starting up with little or no funds to pay them.


@Timothy for most of the startups I cofounded I was called in to co-found it because I am the Tech guy. So the easiest way to get a free tech service is to share equity and make the developer(s) your cofounder.


Oh, okay. Thanks for this @joseph

Joel Osoba :

@joseph what are the best approaches for establishing a new product in an existing market,


@Joel Osoba First of all how did you come about knowing that the market exists? My assumption will be that there are other people with Similar product in the Market.  And If that is the case you have to ascertain the Market Size whether you can seize a part of the market

By offering Unique product Offering, better Pricing, additional Feature etc


For Example, Pure Water has a massive Market in Nigeria and you want to launch your own brand of Pure Water you might just add a mouth like that of bottled water to it or make the packaging triangular  etc

Sean :

@joseph Please feel free to come to this later, but what informational resources including reading, networks, and etc.; would you suggest for those ready to launch a tech startup?


@Joel Osoba Whatever you do just make sure you are the PURPLECOW

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

@Sean Travel is one of the most powerful informational resources you can have. For example, today if you have a lot of money and you are looking for an idea to start with Just travel to China and spend a week or two(2) the amount of education you will get will be mind blowing for you.


Wow, I don’t want this round of knowledge sharing and information to end but we just must call it a day…

Hey house it's time to say a big thank you to @joseph i am sure he has given everyone something to think about


Thank you @Ingressive Community, @Ayobamigbe and the entire team. Have a Good evening!!!

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