10 Content Formats to Increase Engagement & Traffic On Your Website

Creating a compelling content is the best way of attracting the right audiences to your website. Standing out might be difficult, and what's more important is creating a valuable content.

There are different formats of creating compelling contents that will drive traffic or perhaps increase your audience engagement on your website.These content types can work well for evergreen content that does well with your audience and in search engines.
Here is a list of 10 content formats that will boost your website’s traffic and engagement:

  1. How-to Articles: A how-to article or guide is a step by step list of how to achieve a specific thing. For example, if your audience is interested in learning Excel, then a blog that details how to edit/create a mastersheet would work really well. Ideally it would include instructional text and imagery.

  2. Case Studies: A case study is a written account of a real customer's experience with your business. They describe the customer’s success thanks to your product or service. They typically include the problem the customer was facing before they used your product or service, and how you helped overcome that problem.
    Example: https://www.ingressive.co/case-studies

  3. Webinar: A webinar is essentially a communal seminar conducted online. It is usually conducted by one person who leads a discussion or tutorial to several other connecting users who can all individually engage with the presentation from their respective locations.

    Example: https://www.ingressive.co/blog/2019/3/5/notes-from-our-ama-session-with-gholahan-t-fawale-at-the-ingressive-community-finding-your-niche-as-a-designer

  4. Templates: A template serves as a starting point for new documents. Templates are pre-formatted, for example, you might use template in Microsoft Word that is formatted as a business letter, templates can come in different forms and can be very useful in driving traffic to your website.

  5. Videos: Videos are always great at engaging audiences, and there are different forms of videos e.g. traditional, live videos, interactive videos, interview videos. Videos could be expensive to create but the rewards could be very remarkable.

  6. Quotes: Quotes are good sources of traffic, a lot of people go online to search for inspiring and motivational words from greats and successful people in different industries.

  7. E-books: Ebooks are online leaflets or reports filled with educational or informative things that can benefit the end user. They can be made available as free downloads or even as part of an email sign-up transaction. Using it as an email sign-up transaction have been very useful inbound marketing strategy.  

  8. Interview: Interviews are very good and can be a source for very good content. Interviewing people, especially thought leaders in specific industries and getting their opinions on specific topics can produce brilliant content.

  9. Surveys & Results: Running surveys is an effective way to extract general opinion – they are made up of targeted questions designed to collect valuable data. Once the data is collected, you can use the results to form a separate piece of content in its own right.

  10. Podcasts: These days, people are mobile and mostly on the move. Podcasts are a great way to reach people whilst on the move. Podcasts are usually longer recordings, which can be serialized into multiple episodes consisting of interviews, discussions and debates.

Hopefully this list will be useful for you. If you have any other suggestions, or if there are other formats that have been successful for you, leave us a note in the comments below. And join our community of Entrepreneurs here at bit.ly/ingressivecommunity