How to Attract Venture Capital Funding for you Startup/Product

On Friday, 26th of April. We had our Ecosystem Hangout at Venia Hub and it was an exciting and insightful day filled with tips and ways to attract Venture Capital funding for startups. ⁣

Damilola Thompson of EchoVC Partners was out first speaker and Mary Joseph from Greenhouse Capital was the second speaker. The two speakers touched on many subjects surrounding What VCs look for in a startup. ⁣

The hangout started at approximately 5:30PM, it was planned to start 5:00PM but due to the famous Lagos traffic and registration, the event started 30 mins late. Ayo Teriba, the HR & Operations at Ingressive started the conversation by introducing himself and Sean Burrowes(COO), Sean talked about his experience and how Ingressive is working hard to push the African tech community to the next level with a community of over 15,000 Entrepreneurs, Developers and Designers.


The first speaker of the day was Damilola Thompson, Senior Counsel, Legal Compliance & Corporate Development at EchoVC Partners. She highlighted on having a valuable team “A team with vast experience and strong expertise will boost your chance of getting an investor to invest in your startup.” Received and answered a lot of questions before she ended her session.


Mary Joseph who is a Senior associate at Greenhouse Capital, was the second and last speaker of the day. She came with a presentation and highlighted on major things to take note when pitching a startup.

⁣These are some of the key takeaways from the Hangout, more details will be on our blog post on the ingressive website. ⁣

  • Your product should solve problems for a lot of people at the right time!!! Market size and Market timing is very important.⁣

  • The product is the very first thing. But, investors have to go through your presentation to get to you. Make sure your deck is standard. - Write a script: writing a script gives you a guideline on how to make your pitch smoothly.

  • Spell check: It gives credibility to investors that you can handle your numbers too. Practice.

  • What people say about you is super important.

  • One of the major things investors look out for is your team. There should be consensus amongst yourselves.

  • A team with vast experience and strong expertise will boost your chance of getting an investor to invest in your startup.⁣

If you missed the Ecosystem Hangout there will be a follow up conversation on the EDG channel on the 9th of May, join the conversation.