A conversation between Ingressive and eWorker

Tweetchat with Sean Burrowes, COO Ingressive
In this Tweetchat, you’ll read about:

Why Developers and Designers are leaving Nigeria?
What Can be done to reduce it?
Governments part in helping the Tech community?

eWorker: Looking at the trend, why are they leaving? Who is to blame for it?
We are here with @ingressive to talk about the issues, cause and discuss a solution around it.

Ingressive: Hello Everyone! I can't wait to tackle your questions. Initiatives span 5 different countries and we have heard it all, and I'm here to tell their stories!

eWorker: You have an active community of developers on slack and other online platforms, what are your thoughts about the rate at which developers are leaving for opportunities abroad?

Ingressive: It feels good knowing our developers are awesome enough to be offered opportunities abroad. Do you feel the rate at which they are leaving is a blessing or not?
Two great examples in a collective mind dictating terms on a national level is the Tata Motors story in India (bought crappy cars until they got better) and the US vs China (crush foreign competition).
We're hopeful everyone who sees this gets inspired and take on the challenge to make our ecosystem better and stronger for us.

eWorker: You've had the privilege of working with lots of developers, what major reason(s) do they give to justify leaving the country for opportunities abroad?

Ingressive: But for the pure coders out there, some really want the opportunity to push their craft to the farthest limits. They want to step into arenas with more funding, progress, and support in areas like robotics, edge computing, AI, AR/VR

eWorker: Do you feel the reasons given by most devs are legit and justifiable or you feel there are other underlying factors that could be responsible for the flight of developers in the Nigerian tech ecosystem?

Ingressive: Parents don't understand paying school fees and seeing their child at home on their laptop all day. I've heard stories of newly graduated freelancers getting kicked out because their parents think their job is 419...

eWorker: It might not be possible to stop this developer's flight but I believe it can be reduced. What is your opinion about this?

Ingressive: Corporates need to start investing in the tech ecosystem and preparing themselves for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or get left behind... it will take the help of the public sector as well...

eWorker: If we are enlisting the help of the public sector, what do we have to offer in return?

Ingressive: It is the job of the government to create economic opportunity. By creating jobs and helping the flow of money, they collect more taxes. A better question is what do they have to offer us in return of creating entirely new economies through technology?

eWorker: We have some brilliant young minds coming onboard, becoming a part of the ecosystem and we don't want to lose them to opportunities abroad. What can be done to retain them?

Ingressive More businesses need to consider how they are integrating technology. There are jobs there, but the sad part is on tech job can displace hundreds. Informal economies also don't want the transparency or efficiency.
What did the creation of the internet or semiconductor do for the American economy? What has Amazon, Google, and Facebook done for the world? There is money in tech. Corps and govt support isn't help or a loan, it's a vital investment in survival...
We hope authorities see this and get stirred to work.
Investment in tech is probably the most lucrative investment anyone or company can make!
Our government takes a wait and see approach. Techpreneurs will have to be brave and create ventures that can't be ignored. We can't complain, because right now, the lack of regulation plays to the tech sectors advantage.

eWorker: Yeah, that's correct. We might have created our own Silicon Valley before the government decides to get involved.
Technology is usually faster than the government lol. Silicon Valley had support in the US but only after it showed it's potential...
A lot has been learnt during the course of this discussion. It's great having you on here Sean.