A Day at Zone Tech Park

This week we will be taking you on a journey to the amazing ZONE TECH PARK (also known as ZTP), located just beside UPS, on the Gbagada Expressway in Lagos.

The tech hub began its operation in August, 2018, and it is a place where new technologies germinate at an astounding rate and where pools of capital, expertise, and talent foster the development of new industries and new ways of doing business.


From our visit to Zone tech, and speaking with the Client manager, we could deduce that Zone tech is passionate about the tech startups they incubate, as they (Zone tech) usually look out for opportunities for these startups to grow their business.



Zone Tech Park has about five event halls, with one of them large enough to contain over a 1000 people, they usually organize major Tech events like TMES18 by Ingressive, TEDx, Google Developers conference and many more. With a car park capacity of 150+, there won’t be a problem of car parking.


The work space is large, well structured, having a park like view, which incubates a very large number of start-ups and entrepreneurs (Pictures will be sent to me after the renovation for expansion for tech work space is concluded). We actually worked there for about 2weeks, and I must it was a very good experience. The environment was cool, beautiful and a bit lively.


If you are searching for the hub with the right scene and culture, or you want to be lookig at Zone Tech Park. Be it a tech event or just a working space, ZTP is the absolutely the right place.

To learn more about Zone Tech Park, check their website HERE