The Open Knowledge — Ingressive Campus FedPolyNas

7th of July, 2018 was first of its kind and a day that will always be remembered in the history of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, as developers and tech enthusiasts converge in the Institute’s auditorium for the first tech meetup in the campus. To share, network and learn about open source and some trending technology. We tagged it “The open knowledge” because the program was really an eye opener for most of the students from the department of Computer Science.

It was a great day and a successful event with our 60 developers and tech enthusiasts from Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa which featured awesome speakers Ahmad Abdul Aziz (ICA), Victory Osikwemhe ( From Accountancy Department “Linux Evangelist”), Ibrahim Abdul Wasiu (Mr KnackSteem), Hasssan Y. Sani (The great “inidaname”) and Chris Obishia (President of the Computer Science Department) and other contributors such as Damilola ( The AI Evangelist ) and our special guest that came all the way from Abuja just to show the community love, Samuel ( Facebook Dev Circle Lead, Abuja) it was really an honor to have him with us.

Amad Abdul — Aziz ( @devamaz, ICA and Javascript Fullstack Dev) kick start the event keynote on ICA and was recall on stage immediately after the keynote for a talk on “Intro to Open Source” where he demystified open source, how open source works, open sourcing your project, benefit of open source and how it has transformed the world. The section was really an eye opener we are all ready to be open sourcerers.

Second Speaker Abdulwasiu Ibrahim (Mr KnackSteem, Manager at Utopian) block chain evangelist who spoke about steem block chain with utopian and how we can make cash from contributing to open source project through utopian. He also spoke about tools and various ways user can participate in an open source project.

Next on stage was the Accounting Student but trust me this guy is a computer genius and also a Linux Evangelist. Victory Osikwemhe (@VOsikwemheintroduced us to version control system with git which he broke down most git commands such as ADD, COMMIT, STATUS, CLONE, PUSH, PULL.

After the third speaker we all went for a short lunch and also got to know each other through networking.

Immediately after the short break, we introduced the fourth speaker an awesome developer from Abuja ( Hassan Y. Sani @InidAName). He is a member of the Node Foundation and Organizer of Node School Abuja which was co-organized with our awesome ICA ambassador (@devamaz). He introduced us to Node.js, its history, how node works and how to start a node app and getting involved with node community. This guy is great and his slides were awesome.

Next on stage was our last speaker Chris Obishia (Computer Science Departmental President). He spoke about responsive web design with bootstrap sing great real life analogy.

After that the last speaker, the audience was given opportunity to contribute and I never know we have a small but mighty AI Evangelist in our school (Dammy) he explain concept of AI and we can all benefit from it. Next on the event list was panel discussion with the speakers and our guest of honor ( Samuel Dev Circle Abuja Lead ) where audience ask different questions on how to get involved in the communities and also questions relating to tech.

The Ambassador apologizes that there were mis-shipment of swags which he made promises will be available in 2 weeks after the event.

Thanks to Ingressive and ICA group, the event was really an eye opener for us and open opportunities as facebook devCircle is inviting us to their launch party in Abuja on 4 August 2018. I believe this is the beginning of tech history in Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, this tech meetup will give way to future tech events in Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa.

This event won’t be a success without ICA Community Manager Abati Adewale @AceKyd, he helped Ace the event and our Ambassador Ahmad Abdul-Aziz (@devamaz) for organizing an awesome event despite the challenges faced from the school. Finally, our vote of thanks goes to Aminu Abdullahi who anchor the event, and Master Toheeb for his contribution and every other person that contributed to make the event a successful one and off course myself.