Digital Leadership: Going Beyond Viral With Ozzy Etomi

Good Evening everyone. I wanted to introduce Ozzy

She presented at our last Ecosystem hangout on how to build your brand by providing value

Could you give a bit of background on what you do now?


Hello everyone!
Im glad to be here and im ready to answer any questions anyone might have on how to build value in your digital comms
Currently I am head of communications at Paga, Nigeria’s first and (best) mobile money operator
I am also a freelance writer and ive written for publications such as the huffington post, bellanaija, tru africa magazine, genevieve magazine etc

First Question:

@Ingressive LLC

Where/how would you say is a good place to start when starting to build a social presence?

Response from @Ozzy

It really depends on what you do and what you are building a presence for


If you are a writer, twitter is more useful for gaining traction that instagram. People are on instagram for visuals, people tend to be on twitter to read and engage

If you are a photographer instagram is more important for showing off your work

If you’re a make up artist YouTube is more relevant to you


For corporate brands its also important to know where your customers are engaging with you most

One mistake a lot of brands make is thinking they have to build a presence across every platform

They waste money on content and advertising dollars on platforms that are irrelevant to their offerings


Are there any tools or strategies you use to determine what platform is most relevant?

Analytics tool?

Response from @Ozzy

Yes so there are many ways to measure your engagement. Most platforms have built in analytics nowadays, but google analytics is always a good indicator of how your content is doing at a glance. In the beginning, unless its very clear cut what kind of platform you should be on depending on what your business type is, it may be wise to experiment and see where you are gaining traction


Once that is determined focus your energies on building a following there

Usually you find that a strong following on one social network usually trickles into the others



How about if they just want to use it to redirect traffic to their other platforms that sell their products....

Response from @Ozzy

I think its very transparent quickly when a brand is just trying to sell to you. This comes back to the idea of growing followership by creating value. If all you are doing is hammering your products at people and asking them to buy they will lose interest quickly. If people are going to develop loyalty for your brand, they have to feel engaged and valued as customers

Seems so!



How did you create value and build your following?

10k followers seems like a lot not to have. How did you grow this following without having an actual product to sell?


Response from @Ozzy

Well i didnt set out to build a following. I didnt even think about it as “creating value”. But i was writing steadily - it all started off as a 30 day writing challenge. Slowly people heard, shared links, started to follow the journey. A lot of the things i wrote about were relatable and people wanted to follow me to hear more. Initially i wasnt even on twitter but i quickly figured out that was where my main audience was. Before that my main traffic driver was facebook



Facebook is dying and Instagram is growing for my company even though we share the same content. Is facebook still as viable as the newer platforms when it comes to business?

In your opinion...


Response from @Ozzy

Personally, i hardly log into facebook anymore. It became super messy and lost its appeal. However facebook is still great for advertising and building a community. Lots of facebook groups are still super active but it does seem that instagram is an easier way to communicate with people nowadays

And now that instagram added instagram tv its a matter of time before youtube starts to feel it too

I think facebook adverts get more engagement than instagram. Instagram is sort of easy to gain followers but its not just about followers its about the right type of followers who actually engage with your content and call to action

People tend to want to remain in instagram and not click out of it or be redirected via external links



Interesting... I also find my twitter grows faster than any other platform. I assumed it was because we deal with techies...



Theres an actual study, which i forget now that states that i think the average time someone spends looking at your instagram post is .005 seconds or so

They scroll by that fast

Twitter is all about engagement. If you have engaging content and you are constantly holding conversation

You will see growth



Bolatio Akanbi

Hey @Ozzy there are these set of "best practices" for each social media platform and I always see things like following can grow to 'X, number if A,B and C are done. e.g "putting hashtags in your bio on Instagram helps with visibility"

Do these said best practices work the same way for all businesses?

Response from @Ozzy

Hi @Bolatio Akanbi im always conflicted with the “growth” rules on social networks simply because i believe you get the best rewards from organic growth. For instance i find that using hashtags on instagram sometimes leads to a lot of BOT accounts following and ‘engaging’ with your content. Sometimes businesses get too caught up with their amount of follows and not the quality of follows. Thats why you see an account with 10k followers but a post has 5 likes

However there are hacks across networks to grow followership for sure and they generally work across most brands. But you end up with generic follows and not organic follows



I thought this was a sign of buying followers as well




A lot of brands tend to do that because they feel it makes them look legit to at least have a certain amount of followers

But ive found that i know brands who are raking in the numbers and have only a handful of followers online and the inverse as well



I actually feel a similar way... but I can't bring myself to actually pay for followers...



A good way to measure the quality of your follows is to keep up with your conversions

If you create a campaign on facebook or instagram for example

How many click throughs

How many take action

How many see through to the end

That gives you a good measure of how engaged your followership is and how keyed in they are



These are paid ad campaigns that would give you this type of insight right?



Yes exactly

But even aside from paid campaigns if for example you released a new product



Is there a way to measure without it being a paid ad?


Response from @Ozzy

And you put a post on lets say instagram

And on your website you can measure your traffic for the day. Google analytics will tell you where most people clicked from, how many people,

From sales you may be able to see how many people were interested


Whenever i post a new article i post it across my social networks

However analytics tells me most people visit from either twitter or facebook

Hardly anyone clicks out of instagram to read it

That tells me instagram is not the most important platform to grow my own personal brand

Even though im almost clocking 10k followers there too

Theyre not engaging with the content i want them to engage with


Ayomide Ofulue 

@Ozzy how can a B2b company leverage Instagram. Public opinion is that it's primarily for b2c

Response from @Ozzy

I think that for general presence and awareness, any social network can be leveraged. You can use instagram to show off your goods or services/ promos etc and generally PR/awareness, events, and so on. Depending again on what kind of company, your other business customers may be on instagram too. But email marketing and so on may be more effective for certain types of b2bs

I think in this day every company needs some sort of digital footprint or they run a chance of becoming outdated



I think that will be the last question!

Thank you so much for your time here tonight @Ozzy



Thank you so much for having me


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