Digital Leadership: Going Beyond Viral

The Leadership & Business Development for Youths in Lagos State program celebrated it’s third year with a commemorative event on June 30th at the IBM Innovation Center. CitiBank sponsored a program designed to train and create employment opportunities for youths in Lagos State. For the last three years, the Growing Business Foundation has led this program, training young men and women from all over the city. 

Digital Leadership: Going Beyond Viral was a topic with wide appeal but chosen especially for members like the TGBC, Ingressive Campus Ambassadors and student attendees. The major underlying message was that successful brands often trump trending content and viral media through value-based engagement. Digital Leadership was an effective way to build upon previous GBF trainings on business development, marketing, and leadership. 

For a young entrepreneur launching a business, understanding digital leadership was presented as a smart way to build a strong foundation on social platforms. The classes took the entrepreneur on a journey beginning with the basics of building a brand on social platforms. The lessons ended with a presentation on digital transformation and highlighted tools like IBM’s Cloud services. 

When coupled with a good idea and sound operations; having solid digital leadership skills should make a business more visible, relevant, and profitable. The event offered four 20-minute “Mini-Masterclasses” followed by a focused question and answer session on how to do just that. The Google topics covered were; Growing Your Base by Giving Value, Monetizing Your Followers, Digital Transformation and IBM Cloud Services.

Ingressive’s COO, Sean Burrowes acted as both organizer and MC to launch the event. Ozzy Etomi lead the first of four sessions. The freelance writer, designer, and Senior Communications manager for Paga; delivered a thorough presentation to the crowd and connected them to the importance of their digital identity. Edache Ebo of Dacheo Media followed up and engaged the audience with a passionate lesson on how to monetize followers on social media platforms. Mikky represented Ringier Digital Management Academy and gave one of the most technically insightful presentations. His explanation of Digital Transformation offered not only offered thought process needed to scale through technology and outlined useful tools in the process.  

GBF Partnered with Rising Tide Africa, Ingressive, CITI, and IBM to convene talented corporate partners willing to train on their profession. Speakers are asked to provide their presentation notes and lead a webinar on Slack in the month of July. By joining the Entrepreneurial Development Group (EDG) Africa, attendees can access the presentations, apply them to their own business or business aspirations, and return for an additional question and answer session on the slack channel. Join the channel EDG Africa or follow our Ingressive Instagram (@ingressive) and Twitter accounts (@_ingressive_) to find out more about upcoming events and how to get your free ticket. Follow GBF (@GBF_NG) and Citi to learn more about their efforts to empower the entrepreneurial base of Nigeria.