Cloud Computing with Github. The tale of an Ingressive event 2.0.

If you were asked a question, who do you love most? Who would it be?

It is common to get responses like “ My mom, my dad, my family.

Now rephrase that question and ask yourself“ Who do you show love the most?”

The response might surprise you, hmm.. not the same person right?. Uhm.. Wait a minute roll back the tape. Another story for another day. Back to cloud computing.

Now imagine you no longer have to choose who you love the most? Or what cloud computing platform you most prefer. Imagine all the major platforms being discussed under one roof. Not only that, but you also get hands on practical sessions to give you a feel of it. Now this is a beginner’s dream and the fantasy of cloud computing savvy developers.

Well On the 9th of June 2018, that dream became a reality. The Ingressive ambassadors at the University of Port Harcourt hosted an event sponsored by Ingressive and Github titled “Cloud Computing with Github”.

It started at around 11:30 am with Obusor, an Ingressive ambassador giving his presentation on Github pages. It then proceeded with a session from Theodora Isola, (a technical writer @nodejsAfrica and an IT strategist at Tiva creatives) on The role of Github in Cloud computing. 

Then the Center manager at Ken Saro-Wiwa hub, Mr Gino spoke about android and firebase. It was a very insightful session where he exposed so much about the android programming paradigms and practicals on how to read and write from firebase.

At about 4: 30 am it was time to listen to Brian Holt a Cloud developer advocate at Microsoft, and a Teacher at FrontEndMasters. He was live from Seattle Washington though barely slept after traveling for over 12 hours on plane. He still kept to his schedule and delivered wonderfully an intro to Azure for JavaScript and nodejs devs. It was a wonderful session with smiles on so many faces.

Right after him came time for break. We all had a 15 minutes break which was an opportunity for attendees to network with one another. The break was interesting, as I got to hear from a fellow developer about the various challenges he faces as a Nigerian. Issues bothering on trust and the bad image already painted of Nigeria in the global community. What broke my heart was when he said, though the the CEO of a global startup, he could not put his own face as the face of his own company. He had to use the face of the foreign developers that work for him. Man I so felt it. Well soon enough the break was over and it was time for the next speaker Ray Okaah, Me.

I did the job of taking attendees through the procedures of how to auto deploy to the cloud with AWS and GitHub. I went through a slide with attendees on Mobile Computing. Its benefits, applications and future. I then proceeded to skillfully explain terms like an Instance, Iam, an Ec2 instance, etc. I then took everyone through a hands on session, creating an instance, using Autodeploy, creating an Iam user, Connecting to GitHub etc.

It was an interactive session as I also asked a number of questions to attendees.

After my session came time for Obinna Odioreonye to deliver on GitHub and Azure Demystified.

He did an excellent job of continuing from where Holbt stopped in introducing devs to Azure and soon introduced the last speaker. No other than Mr Sokari. An Android developer, the CEO of SprintHub, and the Co-founder of

Mr Sokari spoke on deploying to Heroku with GitHub. He took us all through with his very beautiful slide. And had so much to offer but for time, he quickly went through the remaining of his slides. By the end of the day, we were all loaded with so much information on how various cloud computing platform works.

The event did justice to its theme and both beginners and experienced developers confessed to learning a lot of new stuff. 

Thanks to Ingressive for putting this together and shout out to the Campus ambassadors Obusor, Obinna and myself for being the host.