FUTM X Ingressive Campus Meetup "The Maiden Edition"

The 21st of April, 2018 was another great day at Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State. There was such a gathering of enthusiasts at the maiden edition of the FUTMX Ingressive Community meet-up. And as usual they gathered to share ideas, this time on how to network, learn and innovate. Ingressive is a tech firm that believe in the potential of African youths and have been working tirelessly to promote tech ecosystem in Africa.

The room was packed with enthusiasts, amateur who can and will draw courage + inspiration from the professionals and mentors, not only programmers but media geeks, those with UI/UX in mind and many more. That’s why it is called an ecosystem, systems which mean coming together as one to achieve a common goal.

I started by introducing the participants to the FUTMX INGRESSIVE COMMUNITY, and highlighting the importance of belonging to a developers’ community.

Muhammad Aliyu spoke on “LET’S EXPLORE OPEN SOURCE” what is open source, why to contribute to open source, how to contribute to open source, open source projects that have change the world, a question was asked about how to create a network on the open source community.

AHMAD DAUDU SULAIMAN who lighten up the event by demonstrating how to push code on GitHub and explore other GitHub functionalities as well as creating pull request, merging and forking , it was interesting to know how the participants was shown how to host there projects on GitHub. A cheat-book was shared and the instructor incurred them to follow the cheat-book as its a guide even after the meetup.

IBITOYE OLAREWAJU is an Android developer expert who made some light-hearted jokes and played some fun games intermittently during the course of the program. Winners were rewarded with gifts.

Our next speaker is a linux expert and the founder of Wiseplus technology in person of SAM ANIBE PETER he spoke on “The web in 2018”, he talked about the web as a record of human progress, the influence of web on the world today and how we can use open source tools to build web base project startups in Nigeria.

Musa A. Musa is a IoT and embedded system engineer, he spoke on building effective network using open source, online presence for everyone and where to start and networking tips.

We had our networking session, It was a function of a beginner meeting and enthusiast developers to guide/motivate them on there new choice of technology. No hiding, just a direct introduction of yourself and what you do. it was fun having great minds amidst.

And we had a coding session with Nnamdi Okoro the proud founder of Minna Tech Meetup and a security advocate. The topic is ‘Static Site Generator with Jekyll’ its purely hands on. He gave enchanting advices on enriching one’s resume, building personal and technological skills to help the community grow. Questions where asked and more gifts where shared.

The session ended on a superb note with attendees receiving gifts and a group picture was taken.


It’s been a gleeful experience watching the community grow and visualizing the possibilities, special thanks goes to ingressive for their initiatives.


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