Codefest Nigeria 2018: An Awakening

Codefest Nigeria is where ideas meet technology to create unique products for enterprises. The flagship program of Codefest Nigeria is the Codefest 2018 Annual Hackathon. Their software coding and application contest takes place between higher institutions and NYSC members. These teams came together to use technology to transform ideas into reality. This hackathon was made possible by the Codefest Nigeria team, partners, sponsors, and Angels. Notably, the CEO of Basscomm Group, Mr Demola Onanuga, keyed into the vision and pushed it further.

The hackathon is just one of the tools used to bring the vision of Codefest Nigeria into reality when using software development to solve social and economic problems. The main goals of Codefest Nigeria are to train and equip Nigerian developers, connect companies, crowd source talents for recruiting, and facilitate the participating teams to start a start-up enterprise. This year’s contest focused on Health, Social Interaction, Politics, and Education.

Informational resources for both entrepreneurs and developers were provided by Codefest Nigeria. The CEO’s Pavilion offered a workshop for founders and CEOs. The developers boot camp featured coding and software development training for IT enthusiasts. The hack began on March 16th and continued through March 17th, 2018. Codefest Nigeria staff filtered applicants and judges selected five winners from over 50 teams that applied. The five winning teams were Native, Synctask, Open Sauce, Gegnoroc, and Groot. The judges included Banke Alawaye from Codelagos, Seun Awoyele from Devcenter, and both Maya Horgan Famodu and Olu Oyinsan from Ingressive. The judges present had expertise within the tech ecosystem and were available to give guidance and support.


Each winning team solution crossed across different sectors of the economy. Team Native developed an app relating to the health sector called Dookita. Team Synctask created a software for speech recognition in the social interaction sector. Team Open Sauce developed Booth Caller in the Politics Sector. Team Gegneroc made a software in the educational sector called School Finder. And lastly, Team Groot developed an app in the politics sector called E-Voting. Codefest Nigeria has made plans for placement opportunities to the hackers and incubate the solutions towards market and investors.


The CEO Pavilion was also a welcome addition to Codefest Nigeria 2018. Leaders and influencers from different sectors convened for masterclasses, networking, and engaging discussions on the state the Nigeria tech community. Tech community influencers like Sean Burrowes, the COO of Ingressive, led engaging panels for the hackers, CEOs, and investors. Discussions between these groups led to targeted brainstorming, potential partnerships, and action items developed to build the tech ecosystem.

Codefest Nigeria 2018 Hackathon maiden edition was fun, exciting, entertaining, and innovative. Smiles were left on the faces of many as they await the season 2 of Codefest Nigeria. There testimonies below reflect how contestants and participants both enjoyed a positive experience:

“This is exactly what Nigeria needs, the private sector and social impact organizations teaming together will help drive the innovation investors are looking for.”

Maya Horgan Famodu, Founder of Ingressive & Ingressive Capital

“The event was fantastic and met my expectations. Looking forward to the next season.”

Richard Ogbuji, Managing Director of Chrematech

“CodeFest is the first of many and we are convinced that we can be a change agent. I have learnt that whatever a person gives attention to, oftentimes improves of which, innovation is one of them.”

Demola Onanuga, CEO of Basscomm Group

“To all organisers/sponsors that made CODEFEST a success, we say a very big thank you for giving us a platform to showcase our product to the world! We are indeed grateful!”

Alao Ayemidotun, Team Gegneroc

“I knew we had some real talent in this Hackathon, but I was blown away by how many of these solutions could end up being a part of our daily lives. Nigeria has a bright future if we are smart about how we invest local and international resources…”

Sean Burrowes, COO of Ingressive

“I left with a renewed faith in the next generation’s ability to forge the Nigeria we need!”

  • Olu Oyinsan, VP of Ingressive Capital

There’s no best way to describe Codefest Nigeria other than it connects, innovates and inspires. The community will benefit from the drive of Codefest Nigeria to commitment from partners and sponsors to support the winners. CODEFEST NIGERIA 2018 season 2 should not be missed by anyone within the tech community.

Codefest Nigeria was also pleased with the teamwork when they commented “We want to give a special thanks to our sponsors and partners present to witness the epic life changing event.” Participants received honorary awards for their support of Nigeria’s IT development and included:


Basscomm Group






Nigeria Computer Society



Ejike Nwuba CEO — The Renaissance;

Jide Awe CEO — Jidaw Systems

Chimezie Emewulu MD — Seamfix

Geoff Harumi Kuti Founder — MADE IN AFRICA

Maya Famodu Founder — Ingressive & Ingressive Capital

Seun Awoyele Co-founder — Devcenter

Banke Alawaye PM — Codelagos

Sean Burrowes COO — Ingressive

Demola Onanuga CEO — Basscomm Group

Seun Onyisan VP — Ingressive Capital.