Finding Wakanda

It is very difficult for many social media users to scroll without coming across movie poster selfies and comic book historian dissertations on The Black Panther. Even six weeks later timelines are splashed daily with images of fans with arms crossing their chests, a foreboding expression, and the new mantra #WakandaForever. However; when considering the viral nature of The Black Panther and the movie netting $900 million in global ticket sales; we may be witnessing a shift in perception.

The forever they speak are the ideals Wakanda represents entrenched within the African diaspora. Wakanda is the future of African innovation. Wakanda sums up of hopes of the disenfranchised scattered across the globe. Wakanda may be the first time a big budget movie has ever depicted Africa as modern, strategic, and technologically advanced with strong leadership. With positive African images driving a cult following, branded merchandise, video games, and even Wakanda themed cruises; The Black Panther has tapped into something bigger than entertainment. However; Hollywood wasn’t the first one to see dollar signs and think “maybe is time we start playing nice with Africa.”

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