Bridging The Gap: A Design Thinking Approach to Solving Problems

Design thinking is a method for the practical, creative resolution of problems using the strategies designers use during the process of designing. Design thinking has also been developed as an approach to resolve issues outside of professional design practice, such as in business and social contexts.

A design thinking approach to solving problems was the focus of the July’s edition of the Ingressive Monthly Ecosystem Hangout. The aim of the event was to “bridge the gap” between Entrepreneurs, Developers and Designers, miscommunication leads to misunderstanding which rarely leads to anything good. It is important for entrepreneurs to know how to communicate, good communication helps a developer or designer to create good and accurate products.

IBM’s Oluwatoyin Da-Costa, who is the manager of the IBM Innovation Center, and also a verified Enterprise Design Thinking Co-creator, headlined the event alongside Henry Ikoh of Think.Senpai and Rahmat of DexterityLogics. It was very important that Ingressive attracted a leading voice to address the issues of miscommunication in these industries.

The COO of Ingressive, Sean Burrowes kicked off the event by introducing himself and taking the attendees through the agenda of the day, just few minutes later Oluwatoyin Da-Costa of IBM, picked it up and explained what design thinking is. “Design thinking is all about forming an intent” Her delivery was calm and direct as the entrepreneurs, developers and designers in attendance sat and listened with rapt attention. She discussed the basics of design thinking and also led a design thinking session. The session focused on defining, explaining and experiencing how each and everyone thinks in their respective positions. This session helped every Entrepreneur, Designer and Developer at the Ingressive’s Ecosystem Hangout realize that miscommunication is the number one problem when giving or receiving a job.

Miscommunication leads to complications when making a product, it is the number one cause of all problems, communication is our bridge to other people. Without it, we won’t be able to achieve what we really want. So when it is damaged we have to solve all these problem it creates.

Just before it ended on Friday the 27th of July 2018 at the IBM Innovation Center, Rahmat of DexterityLogics reminded the developers that “If we can all look inward and see problems, we’ll have better apps”, Henry Ikoh of Think.senpai reaffirmed what she said, as an Entrepreneur, Developer and Designer that he is, he believes everyone needs to look forward and in his words he said “The skills we learnt in the past wouldn’t take us into the future”.

These discussions are of vital importance to the future of the Tech Ecosystem, good communication will help to create products that can compete internationally.

We want to bridge the gap of miscommunication in the ecosystem and this is just the first part of two, also we will be supporting this discussion online, on our slack webinar channel. Ingressive’s Ecosystem Hangout are held every month and you can always contact us if you want to be a part of this development.