Design Thinking And Collaboration — ICA Uniben Maiden Meetup

I have always had this passion for community building, that passion led me to open a tech hub on my campus, which became one of the first tech hubs in Benin.


I was super excited when I find out about ICA on twitter because I saw an opportunity to collaborate and build a better tech community on my campus, which is something we are mainly about at C Trek Hub. So I applied, the team kept a positive mind, and when I was accepted it was a good news that gave us happy faces, and so the journey of ICA UNIBEN began.

The aim? To build a solid tech community for students who are passionate about tech in my institution, University of Benin.

Picking a date for our maiden event was really a tough one because the school calendar was affected by ASUU strike and a lot of things changed. We tried as possible to pick a date that won’t clash with any major academic activity hence we finally settled for September 29th.

When planning out an event, getting a venue is a major task, though ours was smooth and easy because the hub was available and it has a 50 seating capacity room.

After getting the venue prepped, the next thing we did was create awareness about the event and most people in my school had never heard about Ingressive campus ambassadors, so I was actually worried if they will attend, but then after a couple of brainstorming sessions we came up with strategies that helped give us good leverage, physically, and mostly in the online spaces being literally scourged by students in our institution.

The event was a huge success. It began with an opening speech from me introducing the attendees to the ICA Community. The event was planned to have three speakers but we had only two, something came up that hindered the 3rd speaker from making it to the event.

We had Jordan Irabor, a software developer at creativity kills, who talked on — Getting Started with a Tech Career.

After that, the next speaker, Clinton James, which is my humble self, spoke on — Design Thinking and Introduction to using Figma, it was as I will sincerely say; an awesome session.

After that came Jordan once more, giving his last talk on — Collaboration and intro to Github.

The event ended a success, we were happy to have not just a great number of techy folks in attendance but also the campus ambassador of FUPRE present (Ilekura Idowu) big thanks to him.

We at C trek Hub use this medium (literally use this medium — laughs) to sincerely appreciate Ingressive and her partners Figma & Github for the sponsorship and the platform to build an awesome tech community on our campus. Thank you.

You can find more pictures from the event (photos link).

Never stop being amazing see you at the next ICA Uniben meet-up.