Design it; Code it — ICA FCE_ABEOKUTA Meetup 1.0

Everyone is keen to learn a new thing everyday.

October 6th, 2018 marks the day technology came to change the mindset of the awesome people at Federal College of Education, Abeokuta. Unfortunately, we had some delay due to the heavy downpour of rain but we conquered it. The event was tagged “Design it; Code it” because the program was really an eye opener for most of the students from the department of Computer Science Education.

The Ingressive Campus Community was accepted into the school with great support by our ICT Director — Dr. Agholor Sunday, he provided his utmost assistance to help foster the community. The event wasn’t only attended by the student but also ICT staffs, IT students and NYSC corper were there too.

We invited two awesome speakers from the neighboring tertiary institution -FUNAAB. They talked about the rudiments, guide and challenges faced by designers and developers when starting out as a beginner.

Sayo Paul came to set the venue on fire by introducing the attendees to the world of web development and version control systems ( Git ) . His talk was titled Building Websites; Backend, Frontend and the glue that brings it together (Git). He stooped so low to lay emphasis on the underlying technology behind the websites that we see . The different elements that come together before a webpage appears on a user’s screen . Sayo did a live-coding session on building a simple web page, creating a new repository on Github, pushing to that repository and showed them how to improve their workflow as developers . He also explained how huge corporations utilise git to foster proper collaboration amongst their back-end and front-end developers. He broke down the basic git commands such as ADD, COMMIT, STATUS, CLONE, PUSH, PULL. Sayo’s slides can be seen here

Sayo Paul talking on the composition of the webpage

Sayo Paul talking on the composition of the webpage

We had little break for refreshments after our first speaker’s talk to energize and refresh our body against the next talk. During the break, our ICT Director discussed with us and also shared his experience about the past era of technology and how we should show serious commitments to the campus community, learn more on our own as it is now easier to acquire knowledge, organize more workshops and we would see the value it will add to our lives.


Our second speaker was Oluwatosin Kazeem He spoke on the Beginners Guide to UI/UX Design with Figma. He spoke about the concepts, principles of UI/UX .He gave design inspiration sites like Dribble and resources to get started with UI/UX using Figma as a design tool. He further gave an overview of how Figma looks like . He defined Figma to be a free, online UI tool where you can design, collaborate and prototype. He also showed some demos of Figma designs, the pros and cons of using Figma, and encouraged the audience to make best use of the opportunity to learn more about the functionalities of Figma and reach out to him when they get stuck. He also gave us the link to Figma Africa Slack which is a community to get connected and learn from great designers in Africa.

Oluwatosin explaining the concepts of Figma as a design tool

Oluwatosin explaining the concepts of Figma as a design tool

he session ended at 2:45pm and attendees left with impressive smiles on their faces and with the awesome GitHub stickers and cheatsheets.

Then, of course! there was group photos.

Special thanks to Ingressive, our ICT Director — Dr. Agholor Sunday, our two awesome speakers and the event won’t be a success without the support of the Ingressive Community Manager Abati Adewale, he helped ace up the event.