Code by Design with GitHub and Figma — FUTO Ingressive Community Maiden Event

Weeks passed, and we were not yet ready to really code by design. Ingressive Campus Ambassadors to the rescue. In the midst of exams, myself and code-goddess, Somto had to meet to get things right. Plans were not forth coming.

As co-leads of Google Developer Group on campus, we decided to make use of our position to call up other co-leads to help code by design. It was a simple and done deal. Successful meetings were held, the initial vibe came and left, just few sticking with the plan. We had to press on, felt like our reputations were at stake, designs were out but the plan was never there.

Tension up and down! Somto! what do we do??? 7 days to code by design and finally, we got our venue. What is a venue without a plan? Exams still not waiting for any of us.

Had to do what tough people do, make it happen. Finally, we had to pen down responsibilities, with this we thought could go a long way. Programme for the event was penned down. I was to take a web development section, building a nice and simple portfolio using pure CSS and html, UI/UX design was to be done by lota and finally, GitHub session to be taken by Opara Prosper. Yes!!! Looks like things were coming to place. We could finally see code by design coming through.

Later on, we couldn’t possibly organize the event on the 15th of September any longer, because major exams were shifted to that day, even better on our side, we had more time to plan. Not really more, but at least extra 48hrs.

Code by design was pushed to 17th of September, 2018. We thought would be a good date all because, no exams, no test, no attendance, no practicals, every typical futoites daily battle. School should have closed for the semester by then, crowd was an expectation, we all thought. Donald was always there to keep things going, he helped to get some equipment’s to make the programme a success. On the 16th, it was like madness was the case, I’ve never done this before, teaching in front of large people, Icould imagine the number of eye balls staring, some waiting for my mistakes(the big guys) , some waiting to ask one question to throw me off balance. Stop!!! Is everything ready for tomorrow?? Had spent the most airtime on campus that day, I think. Good vibes came back in as calls made were giving positive vibes and positive vibes, so i thought of taking things easy from that moment, everything would have to just go well tomorrow.

The night before Code by Design, in my thoughts were ”How far your codes nay? Can you code and explain what is happening? ”Snap! The hall! We haven’t cleaned it up yet, I remembered. Mr. Frustration took over. Some things came back to my head: ‘the banner guy hasn’t delivered yet, the generator, how do I carry such load (oh! I if only I had a car), we were not sure of using a public address system yet, the hall, the fuel for the generator, the projector and of course our guests’, well, calls went down again, assurance was given about everything, looked through my design for the event, seemed fine and simple to me, now I can sleep.

My portfolio for the event

My portfolio for the event

Beautiful Monday morning, it’s 5am and Code by design woke me up, had to ensure it woke others up too. Code by Design was staring at all that we were organizing. At the venue with Donald and Somto, little messy, some quick clean up and one down. Fuel! Quick rush, little delay! Bike looking in a bad shape and kept looking and sounding bad, till it spoilt(God why??). Finally, found my way back to school, two down. Donald to the rescue, brought in the projector and screen, Somto had to rush to get the microphone, she is back and all was set and ready. 10am and no turn up was low, had to chill out for others, 12pm came and had to kick start the event, at least we had good audience.Donald was our anchor for the event, Somto give a brief introduction about Ingressive and also talked about activities for the event and what they all should expect. Code by design has started proper with Lota educating us all on the use of Figma by creating a simple login form for Figma, I learnt pretty well. Little chat talk by Donald to keep up with our audience, my turn to do something, took the web dev section by of course coding my portfolio from scratch, that section couldn’t have been better. Short break, drinks and snacks were shared. Prosper took the last event for the day, teaching about GitHub by cloning my repository where I uploaded the codes for my portfolio design which was a very good way to teach GitHub as at then, big thumbs up to Prosper, great work with GitHub.

With great joy , the event was brought to an end successfully. We had other Ingressive ambassadors from IMSU (Imo state University) that day, they also helped by giving good vibes as support. Organizing this was stressful I must confess but this has given me great exposure and I have to say it was a lovely experience! I am looking forward to doing this more often.

Photos for the event can be accessed here.

Ladies and gentlemen, we deserve a round of applause!!